M.A.D. Paintball Team  

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Team Mission: 

To play with a fierce attitude while, above all, setting an example in both gameplay and conduct through sportsmanship, honesty and continuous improvement.

Mutually Assured Destruction is a hot, newly reformed paintball team located in south-eastern PA that is quickly gaining respect and publicity. When attending a practice or event, every member on the team places their highest priority to respect the field and its staff, support other players and ultimately promote the awareness and growth of paintball. M.A.D. has started preparing for the 2014 paintball season by holding weakly team practices; weather permitting, attending All Star Paintball’s winter 3-man tournament series and acquiring young ambitious team members.

We plan on having our young guns players compete in the Savage Hunter’s young guns series at Leigh Valley Paintball South, as well as, playing in the Global Paintball League and Eastern Paintball League D4/D5 3-man and 5-man divisions. We have multiple strings of players going to all future events in the winter series to fully prepare for the Eastern Paintball League, Mid-Atlantic Paintball League and other local paintball events.

Team Goals:

MAD Paintball Team has multiple goals going into the 2014 tournament paintball season. We believe we have the talent as a young and powerful team to place in every tournament and in the series. The team practices every weekend, when possible, and every team member is expected to develop and hone individual skill’s both on and off the field as well. This will help us achieve individual and collective team goals. MAD Paintball Team also supports our home field by participating in field setup, cleanliness, field closing operations, special events and promotions when available.

MAD Paintball Team is dedicated to spreading the love and joy of paintball and, as a team, we believe our sportsmanship ethic, positive attitudes and vast ambitions will attract new and young players that will support industry growth and success. The team also expects to grow exponentially by attracting and supporting the acquisition of new, young and ambitious team members while expanding team operations by offering scenario and stock play event opportunities to its members.

Contact Us

APPA ID: 27575 

Email:  [email protected]

Website: http://madpbteam.webs.com/

FaceBook:  M.A.D. Paintball Team

Instagram: madpbteam

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